Sunday, September 23, 2012

Share Your Students' Work on the Web

Educators have the ability to share their students' work with others around the world via the World Wide Web.  I have been able to incorporate the creation of higher order learning projects which require students to write about what they have learned and draw pictures with their writing.

 A good example of this is a Health assignment I gave my students last week.  My students learned and took notes about the "Decision-Making Process."  To have the students demonstrate their understanding of the 6 steps in this process, the next day I had them create a comic strip illustrating and demonstrating this process through a story and images.  The benefits of this project included:

1.  retention of the information they learned
2.  practice in writing narratives.
3.  imagining mental images and drawing these images relevant to the story
4.  experience with making comics
5.  practice with higher order thinking skills (synthesis level of Bloom's Taxonomy)

This is the gift that keeps on giving!  Share you students' work with others! Your ideas can work for other students and classrooms around the world! Post your success stories on the Web!

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