Saturday, October 6, 2012

Common Core Books and eBooks on Amazon

Take advantage of this great collection of Amazon books and eBooks written especially for teachers who want to learn more about the Common Core, Standards-based teaching, thinking skills, and integrating technology into the classroom.  These guides are great to use for on going professional development and workshops!

Evaluative Thinking

I tried a lesson in Health class yesterday that focused on building student's evaluative thinking skills.  
I had them answer the question, "Are Fast Food Restaurants Responsible for Making You Fat?"  I had them choose a position, whether they agreed or disagreed, and had them explain why based on their experiences and what they have learned.  I also had them gather 5 comments or reactions from other students based on what they have written.  

I found that many of my students had great difficulty with this assignment.  They are 7th graders.  Many of them were not used to writing about what they thought or write an opinion.  I realize now that I will need to give them more assignments to build critical thinking skills in the future.  

Monday, September 24, 2012

Check out the digital storybook movie made by both my 6 year old son and myself.  It's was made for my 7th grade Health class.  It is about learning that actions have consequences.  See the video on You Tube by clicking on the following link:

If you want to learn more about digital storytelling, check out the eBook I have written and published through Amazon.

21st Century Educational Technology for Beginners by Monica Sevilla (Apr 4, 2012)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

An Easy Way to Create a Digital Comic Strip or Book for the Web

An Easy Way to Create a Digital Comic Strip or Book is to take digital pictures of a each page that a student has created and post the pictures directly onto a blog or website or paste them into a computer program such as Word or Powerpoint (or other publishing program).  From there, you can convert these  pages to a PDF file if you wish and save it on your computer and or publish it.

Share Your Students' Work on the Web

Educators have the ability to share their students' work with others around the world via the World Wide Web.  I have been able to incorporate the creation of higher order learning projects which require students to write about what they have learned and draw pictures with their writing.

 A good example of this is a Health assignment I gave my students last week.  My students learned and took notes about the "Decision-Making Process."  To have the students demonstrate their understanding of the 6 steps in this process, the next day I had them create a comic strip illustrating and demonstrating this process through a story and images.  The benefits of this project included:

1.  retention of the information they learned
2.  practice in writing narratives.
3.  imagining mental images and drawing these images relevant to the story
4.  experience with making comics
5.  practice with higher order thinking skills (synthesis level of Bloom's Taxonomy)

This is the gift that keeps on giving!  Share you students' work with others! Your ideas can work for other students and classrooms around the world! Post your success stories on the Web!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Student Project Submissions for Our Student Gallery

Send an example of an ePublishing project to be featured and posted in the Student Gallery.  Along with your project, send your name, the name of your school, and a description of what your project is about.  Send your submissions to: for consideration.  Submissions will also be published in our forthcoming book(s) of student ePublishing projects.

Learn How to Enhance Student Writing with ePublishing

For those of you who want to learn how to enhance your students' writing by integrating ePublishing activities and projects across the curriculum,  a Kindle new eBook (and forthcoming printed book) has recently been published for educators.   Here is the information and web link if you are interested in learning more about it:

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ePublishing: Enhancing Writing for Teens
By Monica Sevilla

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ePublishing: Enhancing Writing for Teens is brings writing alive across the curriculum with innovative and engaging ePub activities and projects for teens. Students learn the basics of ePublishing and develop their writing and communication skills through the use of common desktop and cloud-based applications such as Word, Powerpoint, i Movie and You Tube. Simple ePublishing projects include eCards, eDictionaries, newsletters, brochures, mini-posters, eBooks, digital storybooks websites, blogs, wikis, web books, movies, videos, podcasts and much more!

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